Let’s Work Together

Dr. Martin Luther King, third from right, marchers across the Alabama River on the first of a five day, 50 mile march to the state capitol at Montgomery, Ala., on March 21, 1965. (AP Photo)

Grace and Race Ministries, Inc. and Kingdom Mission Society will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by engaging 50 houses of worship, faith-based and other civic organizations to work together as bridge builders for racial understanding and action.

“What can I do?” is a frequently asked question when it comes to issues related to race in our communities. Throughout 2018, we will identify good answers to that question, as well as, provide and promote opportunities to add your voice and to be engaged with people of faith in supporting the legacy of Dr. King. We recognize there are many organizations striving to advance his dream. These efforts are often isolated and do not receive the attention they deserve. We will seek to create a supportive regional network of allies and friends committed to enhancing racial understanding and moving toward Dr. King’s dream of the beloved community.

We invite you to become a founding supporter with MLK 50 Bridges in recognition of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK 50 Bridges is a collaborative effort to:

  • Break the silence around racism
  • Build bridges of understanding
  • Share information and promote relevant community activities related to racial understanding
  • Provide education and training to help develop knowledge and skills to disrupt and dismantle racism

Here is a some video of a Facebook Live Recording which explains our work. Around minute 35:00 we get into some of the topics that come up on racial understanding within churches. Stay tuned as we do more MLK Bridges Conversations throughout 2018.

Help us break the silence on racism. Contact us today (571) 306-0218 and/or support@mlkbridges.com.

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